About Telvent Utilities Group (GIS)

Telvent GIS, formerly Telvent Miner & Miner (TM&M), is a rapidly growing software development company that is a major force in the Geographical Information Systems industry. Telvent GIS has provided engineering services for the utility industry since 1946, and has been an ArcGIS, AM/FM/GIS (Automated Mapping/Facilities Management/Geographic Information Systems) implementer since 1986. Over the years, Telvent GIS has become an industry leader in GIS enterprise solution technology and is proud to supply superior software solutions to energy and water/wastewater utilities and municipalities around the world.

Within the industry, Telvent GIS has adopted the following philosophies for doing business:

  • Acquire the brightest and most talented Utility Engineers, Computer Scientists, and GIS Specialists
  • Build enterprise GIS based upon industry standard components
  • Create flexible, open, and powerful utility solutions
  • Deliver leading edge technology to the end user
  • Build applications designed to enhance the integrated enterprise
  • Implement technology solutions for a dynamically changing industry

History of Telvent Utilities Group (GIS)

After graduating with Electrical Engineering degrees from Kansas University in 1927 and registering as Professional Engineers, Roland and Lottye Miner formed Miner & Miner in April of 1946. For the next three decades, Miner & Miner, as a full-service electrical engineering firm, provided analytical, design, and construction management engineering services to rural electric, municipal, federal, and investor-owned utilities in the U.S. and abroad.

In 1978, Miner & Miner recognized the need for Automated Mapping/Facilities Management (AM/FM) software applications and formed Computer Products and Services groups. These groups offered expanded services and products to meet clients' business needs in the implementation and application of software, internal engineering support, and computer products and services development.

To further facilitate distribution of GIS solutions to utility industries nationally and internationally, in 1987 Miner & Miner formed a business partnership with ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) that enabled Miner & Miner to create the ArcFM Solution that now serves the utility industry. Aided by this partnership, Miner & Miner implemented enterprise GIS and OMS at numerous utilities in North America and in various countries world-wide. This experience placed the M&M and ESRI team in a position to provide clients with well-planned, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for their business needs.

In December 2004, Miner & Miner joined Telvent GIT, the Global RealTime IT Company, as a subsidiary. Telvent (Nasdaq: TLVT) specializes in high value-added solutions for four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America, and China. Telvent has 3,444 people worldwide with 943 in North America. Offices in North America are located in Calgary, Houston, Rockville, and Baltimore. More information is available at: www.telvent.com.

Today, Telvent GIS has a staff of over 240 professionals who are dedicated to the design and implementation of ArcGIS-based solutions in the utility industry. This makes our staff one of the largest application development groups of its kind. Our professional team brings an unparalleled depth of expertise to the utility industry customer.

From high-end, integrated engineering design stations to fast data browsers for the field, Telvent's ArcFM Solution has been designed to create a single system-of-record for spatial data, improving access to land information, consolidating datasets, and reducing redundancy of data storage and maintenance. Taking advantage of the full extent of ESRI's base GIS products, Telvent GIS solutions offer a complete range of products from basic high-quality cartography to network analysis to outage management, allowing the operating utility to meet an increasing need for spatial information.

Overall, the GIS solutions of the Telvent Utilities Group provide tangible benefits in every area of the utility business to drive down costs, enhance productivity, and provide better and faster service to customers. Based upon Telvent's depth of engineering, GIS, and OMS experience, this offering is unique to the industry. It provides the foundation for GIS enterprise solutions that can help a utility become competitive in today's marketplace, and allow it to maintain a leadership position in the marketplace of tomorrow.

Our Business Partner, ESRI

Beginning with a joint development relationship with ESRI in 1986, Telvent has brought considerable expertise to the development and implementation of GIS enterprise applications for the utility industry. Telvent GIS is a business partner with ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute). ESRI was founded in 1969 by Jack and Laura Dangermond, and is known as the leading GIS software developer in the world.

As a privately held consulting group in the '70s, ESRI focused on the development of fundamental GIS concepts and their application to real world problems. During the '80s, ESRI shifted its focus to building software tools and products, which resulted in the 1981 release of the first commercial GIS product, ArcInfo. When computer technology began to shift to UNIX, ESRI followed suit. ESRI developed formal ties throughout the '80s with many outstanding application developers and value-added resellers who created new applications, or combined ESRI technology with their data, hardware, and consulting services.

During the '90s ESRI firmly established itself as a market leader with the 1991 release of ArcView GIS, and successive releases of ArcData, ArcCAD, ArcSDE, ArcInfo for Windows NT, MapObjects, and Data Automation Kit. In 1997, ESRI embarked on an ambitious research project to reengineer all of its GIS software as a series of COM (Component Object Model) objects. In December 1999, ESRI realized the most significant GIS software product release to date: ArcGIS 8, which provided for the most open GIS platform available. In April 2004, ESRI released ArcGIS 9. This product family now provides users with a comprehensive set of GIS and mapping software options.

Today, ESRI GIS products are poised for even greater growth. Innovations in computer technology allow sophisticated GIS operations to be performed in the field, on desktops, and throughout the enterprise. ESRI employs more than 4,000 staff, more than 1,600 of whom are based in Redlands, California, at the world headquarters. ESRI has 10 regional offices in the United States, more than 80 international distributors, and users in more than 200 countries. Together, ESRI and Telvent stand ready to meet the needs of their user community and to set the standards for the GIS industry.

Telvent and ESRI have dedicated themselves to continued development of ArcGIS to maintain its role as the world's leading GIS platform. The Telvent GIS technical staff of professionals provides extensive experience in automated system planning and design, as well as vast expertise in a wide range of services and products.

For more information about the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), please visit them on the Web at http://www.esri.com/company/about/history.html.