Database Services

Utilities today recognize that their success depends directly on the condition and quality of their database systems. Telvent realizes that a successful implementation can benefit from additional services related to database configuration and tuning. It is imperative that the information on which important business decisions are based be easy-to-access, fast, reliable, and accurate.

Core Knowledge

Telvent has quality database administrators (DBAs) with extensive GIS backgrounds and DBA skills in Oracle®, SQL Server, and ArcSDE™. Our team can help a utility configure a geodatabase for production use, offer consulting and expertise related to existing database systems, and provide input on database and geodatabase strategies. We can help you design a database that fits your company's information and workflow requirements or help you expand your current database capabilities to fit a growing utility.

Some of the services we offer include review, design, and configuration of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS):

  • Object model and SQL application review and design
  • Memory utilization tuning including tablespace management and user table indexes
  • Contention and operating system tuning
  • ArcSDE configuration and spatial index tuning review including spatial layer grid sizes and database tune storage parameters
  • Monitoring of ongoing edit sessions
  • Application workflow review
Oracle Console Performance Overview
  • System architecture review including network design, disk storage components and configuration, and hardware solutions
  • Backup/recovery strategy review
  • System security support including user and role permissions strategy and security administration
  • ArcSDE versioning and compression strategy review
SQL Server Properties - Memory

Extensive Experience

Telvent has extensive experience in evaluating and optimizing geodatabases in numerous utilities in North America, and internationally. Through direct experience working with clients, we have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to help identify and resolve performance issues and potential bottlenecks. As a result, our customers are able to achieve optimum performance from their ArcSDE database.

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