Extended Services

Telvent's GIS services group has been successfully implementing utility solutions based on ESRI technology for over 15 years. We have worked with all sizes of utilities all over the world. Telvent's enterprise GIS group began working with ArcGIS® in its earliest stages of development. Through direct experience working with clients, we have gained skills and insights to help identify areas of adding value to utilities. As a result, our customers are able to leverage their existing GIS implementation and bring additional business benefits to their organizations.

Based on our experience, distilled in the Building Your ArcFM methodology, we have adopted a process of delivering an implementation in chunks. This process is known as the Make it Work, Make it Right, Make it Better approach. The first delivery contains the minimum functionality required to address the primary business drivers. The next delivery may add functions that eliminate redundancy and improve other tasks. In the last phase, a utility can add more specific business functions to significantly enhance and streamline their processes.

Make It Work, Make It Right, Make It Better

With this in mind, Telvent offers Extended Services to our users to take advantage of this approach. Utilities can now obtain more "value-added" functions specific to their solution and continue to leverage their ArcGIS/ArcFM Solution investment. Value-added functions can range from simple development of an edit task to integration of a legacy system such as CIS or ERP. Telvent is available to discuss any ideas or concepts that can "Make it Better" and provide planning and resources to make it happen.

The following are examples of the types of functionality that the GIS services group has developed for clients and can develop for you to bring additional benefits to an implementation.

Custom Plotting Tools

  • Circuit Plotting Tool - create map sheet sets based on extent of circuit, select scale and orientation of map sheet, add insets and inserts for details, plot using a circuit-specific data view
  • Custom Autotext Elements - support specific mapping requirements such as listing critical customers shown on any given map sheet
Circuit Plotting Tool


  • Engineering Analysis - through Network Adapter
  • OMS - routine circuit updates from the Geodatabase
  • CIS - link facility data to usage information
  • In-house legacy systems

Analysis Tools

  • Transformer Load Management
  • Switch Order Management
  • Risk Analysis

Workflow Enhancements

  • Batch reconcile and post
  • Session Manager and Workflow Manager Extensions

Integrated Web Solutions

  • Based on ArcIMS technology

Data Loading Tools

  • Automated import of Field Survey data
  • Automated import of streetlight audit data
  • Automated import of inspection data

Data Extract Tools

  • DXF export in predefined format
  • Quick Sketch Tool

Data Cleanup Tools

  • Network-aware data cleanup
  • New validation rules and resolution

Data Maintenance Enhancements

  • Versioned View Support
  • Custom Finders for frequently-used locate tasks
ArcFM Edit Session

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