Implementation Services

Telvent's Implementation Services staff are experts in implementing production systems based on the ArcFM™ Solution. We represent many years of experience in working with utility companies and addressing the business needs raised by their staff and public works departments. Our domain knowledge is supplemented by our extended knowledge of ESRI and Telvent core technologies.

Our primary area of expertise is in implementing and extending the core, off-the-shelf components to meet the business needs of our customers. We have also built the interfaces and provided the expertise in related areas necessary to make challenging projects successful. For all projects, we recommend and use a structured implementation methodology that reduces risk and ensures project requirements are fulfilled.

Our Expertise

Telvent provides a full range of project management and programming services. These include:

  • ArcFM and ArcMap Implementations
  • Designer Implementations
  • Network Adapter Implementations to Engineering Analysis Packages
  • Requirements Analysis and Definition
  • Data Modeling and Creation of Physical UML Model
  • Schema Generation and Database Optimization
  • Geodatabase Configuration
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Integration of Off-the-Shelf Software with Business Practices
  • Specification, Design, and Programming for ArcFM Extensions and Custom Tools
  • Interface Specification, Design, and Programming
  • Data Conversion Consulting and Quality Assurance
  • AM/FM/GIS Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Education for Users and Technical Staff

Our Experience

Telvent's enterprise GIS group is an industry leader with an extensive background and a valued reputation. Telvent has successfully translated industry requirements into working solutions for a large client base. Our experience enables us to provide your organization with solutions to industry-specific challenges and to solve them in ways that are complete, comprehensive, and production ready. We understand the need for - and have provided reliable systems that protect - the integrity of attribute and topological data.

Keeping system reliability high and service rates low is a key project driver for our client base. The users of our tools have diverse human resources and are often geographically dispersed. Our users need tools that are easy to use and protect the data. They need the ability to access, as well as update, data from a variety of locations. They need to provide access at a number of different levels, and they need to provide access to data through different means, quite often for different purposes.

A GIS system must interface seamlessly with existing corporate information systems in order to be a well-integrated system. These corporate information systems include Customer Information Systems, Outage Management Systems, Work Management Systems, and Maintenance Systems, to name a few. Telvent has extensive knowledge when it comes to the successful design, development, and deployment of interfaces that support the goal of an enterprise-wide implementation.

Our extensive experience in implementing enterprise GIS gives us that clear understanding of the challenges and potential pitfalls that any IT project inherently owns. Our management and implementation techniques are designed to provide the planning and processes required to control risk and ensure the project's ultimate success. The Telvent GIS programming staff have incorporated the best in software development techniques and have sharpened their skills in the implementation of cutting edge technology.

As a prime contractor, we have ensured the success of complete and integrated systems. As a subcontractor to a system integrator, we have provided services that were required to develop and integrate key components, in addition to providing consulting to participating parties. As a consultant, Telvent's enterprise GIS group has assisted utility clients who are managing their own implementation efforts. Over the years, Telvent has filled a variety of different roles in the implementation of corporate GIS systems and will continue to do so based on client needs.

Our Methodology

Software Engineering Methodologies

In order to ensure software that is reliable, defect free, and delivered on time, Telvent employs the best practices available for software development. We use an iterative, business requirement-driven development process. We ensure requirements are clearly stated, understandable, and testable before design begins. We perform design and code reviews to provide peer review of code early in the development to ensure the methods and techniques used are the best ones for the task. Rigorous unit testing and integrated acceptance testing are conducted using realistic scenarios coordinated with our customer. In addition, our extensive code library and our close working relationships with developers of the core technology enable us to deliver solutions that are well integrated, supportable, and cost-effective.

Project Management Methodologies (Based on Building Your ArcFM)

Telvent has invested years in the building and deploying of GIS solutions for our utility clients. In that time we have developed a logical, systematic way to avoid most of the dangerous pitfalls inherent in IT projects, and GIS projects in particular. This methodology breaks the implementation cycle into three distinctive phases: Design, Development, and Deployment. Each phase is a process with clearly identified sub-processes. The sub-processes are defined and scheduled to address the key issues at the proper time in the project. Our Project Management methodology helps ensure the entire team is able to make the necessary contributions at the required time. It also emphasizes change management and development of the core team to ensure long-term support for the implementation effort. We practice this methodology to ensure the system delivers on the expected functionality. For more information about Building Your ArcFM, see our BYA page.

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