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Custom Application Launching ArcFM Patch #5198


This patch is intended for installation on top of ArcFM 9.3 Rev2 (build 5168).

Functionality Included: This patch corrects an issue where custom applications that launch ArcMap while having ArcFM licensed may experience an error.

Recommended Users: Clients who have custom applications that launch ArcMap while ArcFM is licensed would benefit from this patch.

The following files are included in the patch and will replace existing files:

  • mmDesktopUtils.dll

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the patch installer Patch_930Rev2_5198.exe to any local folder.
  2. Double-click the file to launch the installation.
  3. At the installer dialog, review the readme information if desired. Then click 'Install Patch'.
  4. When the installer dialog displays 'Completed', click the 'Close' button.

Patch #5198 contains the following bug fixes:

  • MM36556 - Launching ArcMap in an automated fashion fails with ArcFM activated.

Internationalization updates:

For ArcGIS and ArcSDE issues, please seek assistance from ESRI Technical Support.